Kremlin calls reports of May 9 war declaration ‘nonsense’

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Russia has no plans to declare war against Ukraine as part of its Victory Day celebration May 9, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said yesterday.

Peskov told reporters there is “no chance” Russian President Vladimir Putin will make an official war declaration on May 9, saying the widespread speculation about him doing so are “nonsense.”

Celebrated annually with a military parade in Moscow, Victory Day commemorates the Soviet Union’s 1945 victory over the Nazis

Western officials, however, speculated that President Vladimir Putin could use the 9 May Victory Parade to announce an escalation of military action.

Recall, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said last week that the Moscow parade - commemorating the defeat of the Nazis and end of World War II - might be used to drum up support for a mass mobilization of troops and renewed push into Ukraine.

Source: Asia-Plus