KurulTime: Second kurultai of top bloggers takes place in Bishkek

AUCA hosts the second Kurultai of top bloggers and influencers of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan KurulTime. Organizers of the event reported.

«KurulTime is a meeting place for well-known bloggers and influencers of the country, where topical issues of the media market are discussed. The program includes the most interesting and relevant topics: trends and challenges, risks and opportunities for the blogosphere, blog monetization, as well as the skills and tools necessary for professional growth. At the kurultai, you will not only get to know top bloggers, but you will also be able to ask them questions you are interested in, share your own experience with a wide audience and discuss the future of the blogosphere in Kyrgyzstan,» the organizers said.

Among others, speech by Kazakh blogger Zheka Fatbelly (Zhenis Omarov) is expected. He will share the secrets of promotion and how to stay a popular blogger for 10 years.

Source: 24.kg News Agency