LOVE THE MOTHERLAND – YOUR MOTHER! (Thoughts over Warsaw events from September 2016)

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There are things that, as they say, not subject to discussion. For example, the fact that nothing in this world lasts forever, the sun � a symbol of life, that person needs to dignity, honor, self-respect, respect for others, loyalty to the people and his words, friendship, love, including love for the motherland.

Motherland should be loved and respected, it goes without saying, because it is � the most precious thing that a person can have. No matter what value puts each of us in this concept: for some it is a parent center, where he grew up, for someone � a small village or town where he was born. Some consider motherland the birthplace of their childhood friends or the apple tree under the window of his home.

What begins with and where it ends, theMotherland? Great poet Loiq Sherali believed that Motherland begins with the cradle (Vatan az gavhora sar meshavad) and is present in all that surrounds us from childhood. When we were in high school, we knew that the motherland starts from the image ofABC Book. Ustod Bozor Sobir claims that Motherland � people who share a common, their native languages. Consequently, Motherland ends where people are, roughly speaking, no longer communicate with the native language.

A few days ago we witnessed a disgusting spectacle, which took place in the Polish capital, the city of Warsaw: members of extremist and terrorist organizations IRP, their activity is prohibited on the territory of Tajikistan, as well as several other so-called opposition to the government group in Tajikistan organized a picket, then broke into the room where the meeting of the OSCE was held. From their mouth sounded offensive verbal antics against the members of the government delegation, was present at this meeting, that is to say, against Tajikistan. During breaks, they aggressively surrounded their compatriots, who came from Dushanbe, attacking them baseless and false accusations. In their eyes, it was recited some estrangement, indifference and hostility. And all this happened in a different country, among foreigners in a foreign language.

Did Poland have the right to allow interference in the affairs of another country in the form of such acquiescing in its territory? How does OSCE evaluate such approach to the issues of human rights from the point of view of international law, when all participating States of the Organization have equal status? How can we jointly fight international terrorism in such double standards in relation to terrorism concept?

This is a very topical question, and let international politicians and lawyersthem answer. We are interested in another matter at this case.

Some clever, which, fortunately, a tiny minority, who think too much of themselves, critical to theirmotherland, constantly berate it, accuse of all mortal sins, yapping with or without, considering himself almost the navel of the Earth. They proudly call themselves the opposition. They attribute all their troubles and failures with their motherland.

We think how the motherland starts for these people and where it ends? And, in general, whether they understand the concept of motherland? If so, what does it mean?

It thought that for them, Motherland does not mean anything, and their calls that supposedly experiencing warm feelings to his beloved motherland, sound, at least, hypocritical and false. To them, the motherland � this is their personal gain, personal status. To them, the motherland � it is they themselves, no more and no less.

It is no coincidence thatone of the readers of the website Ozodagon named MawlawiAbdurahmon in connection with the recent Warsaw events turns to Kabiri with these words: Your motherland� is the motherland of benefit (Vatani tu Vatani manfiat ast )

Because if the man is discreet and sober, in any case and under any circumstances, heshall love his motherland, despite its shortcomings, no matter what.Motherland compared with the Mother, and the person is obliged to love his mother, whatever it is. Bad mother does not exist.

Do not say that no one is obliged to love, that love � is voluntary. No! There are feelings, without which man is likened to an animal, so we have to experience these feelings, plant them to our children, our family and friends. According to the TV channel Animal Planet, we see that even the wild beasts gently love their parents.

However would they, our parents offend us, even when we are angry to them, we cannot say especially when there are strangers that we have bad parents. It's just painful. We can not say that we are bad parents, because, as some others do not become millionaires, we did not buy palaces and machines. If the neighbors are feeding their children better than our parents, do we move to the neighbors, and call them our parents and live with them?

Only insignificant, ingrates, weaklings and traitors can run from one trough to another, looking for where a piece of meatier, instead of staying at home to do business, to make their home and their life such that they want to see.

Parents, as well as the motherland, are not chosen. In the Koran it is written, (the meaning): And We have enjoined upon man [care] for their parents. (Surah Luqman, verse 14).

Yes, only one thought, I have a bad mother or a bad father or I despise my native home can destroy a person, destroy the family. If you destroy the family � the society will also collapse.

Our country � is our common home hearth, we do not have another hearth, and we do not need another. We just need to preserve and multiply (and not destroy!) what we have been given.

The so-called opposition is often writing in the social networks that they do not oppose themselves to their motherland and people, but to the government and its policy, and to their opinion, it is not the same thing. Like, do not need to mix the concept of motherland and state.

But can we have motherland without a state? The Kurds have no motherland because they have no state. Yes, does anyone saw and knows in the world amotherland without State? Motherland with a capital letter, in the literal and basic sense, � it is not a village or lane is not a city or a region, but the whole country that exists only in the form of state-owned and the whole nation, regardless of their nationality and religion. You see, they like (as they often write in their writings), a handful of soil of their motherland, every stone, blade of grass, the river, but do not like the government. But the government � is the emblem, flag, national anthem, a system of national values and management, it is people � selected as the best part of by the people themselves. How could you not respect and love them, when loving yourmotherland?!

I love my motherland, that is named the Republic of Tajikistan, I am proud of our independent state, which turned to 25 years old, I'm glad that I live in this country, and not in any other, and only I am responsible for everything that happens in my Motherland, but only I can change my life for the better, my future is in my hands, and the fate of my country depends on all of our citizens, including me.

If all come to this understanding, our country is the most developed, and our people � the happiest.

Source: National Information Agency Of Tajikistan