Lump-sum grants to be provided to some 488,000 people in Tajikistan

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The government’s decree “On preventing impact of COVID-19 infection on socioeconomic spheres of the Republic of Tajikistan” that was issued on July 11, in particular, provides for determining the vulnerable sections of the population and providing a lump-sum aid to them in the amount of the minimum wage (400.00 somoni – Asia-Plus).


A total number of vulnerable people in the country is reportedly some 488,000 people.


The list of the vulnerable people includes:




–      Citizens receiving a social pension – 70,000 people;


–      People with disabilities – 149,860 people;


–      Orphans and children who have lost their breadwinner – 82,000 people;


–      Children with disabilities under the age of 16, people living with HIV – 1,000 people;


–      Poor citizens – 184,644 people;


–      Poor refugees – 300 people.




It is noted that the list of the vulnerable people is drawn up as of June 1, 2020, and therefore, the number of social pensioners, people with disabilities, orphaned children and children who lost their breadwinner can change.


The Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population, the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment, the Interior Ministry and the Agency for Insurance and Pensions are ordered, jointly with local authorities, to make the list of names of persons being part of the vulnerable sections of the population until August 1, 2020 and submit it to the Ministry of Finance and Amonatbonk (Tajikistan’s savings bank).


The Ministry of Finance is ordered to allocate funds for payment of the lump-sum aids and Amonatbonk must ensure timely payment of targeted funds coming into to the account, according to the decree.


Source: Asia Plus