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A former fighter pilot, with a passion for the sea, has launched a new Bahraini boat factory. Seamax Crafts, which opened its showroom yesterday, in Sitra, will build everything from bulletproof military boats to mini yachts.

It is the brainchild of Shaikh Mohammed bin Salman Al Khalifa, a retired Air Vice-Marshal. The company specialises in crafting and manufacturing a range of vessels � including civil, fishing, leisure and family boats � from fibreglass. The selection also includes speedboats, boats with cabins and armed military vessels.

They are designed by Shaikh Mohammed at his Bahraini company, which he hopes to grow on a regional level after establishing a base locally. I've been loving boats since I was a child, and I worked as a fighter pilot for years, Shaikh Mohammed said. I flew F-16's and most of my spare time has been spent on the sea. I retired two years ago and decided to open this boat factory.

He now plans to market his military vessels to the BDF, the Coastguard and the National Guard.

We currently have five boats that are ready, which we have been working on throughout the past year, and we will continue to expand into different sizes and designs into the future, through improved technologies based on the market's needs, he said.

We are focusing on civil speed boats for families and fishing, as well as, armed and armoured military boats."

Along with his passion for the sea, Shaikh Mohammed has a passion for art and drawing � which led to the creation of boats displayed in the company's showroom. I did some drawings and I wanted to see if those drawings can come to life, he explained.