Media release: UN held a validation workshop on Disability Inclusion

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A Validation Workshop of the UN Country Team on Disability Inclusion Strategy and its accountability scorecard was conducted in February 19 20 in Dushanbe with participation of UN Agencies, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, EU, USAID, DFID and the National Union of People with Disabilities of Tajikistan. The workshop was facilitated by the Disability Team of UN Secretary General Executive Office.

The workshop was conducted to support the effective implementation, monitoring and impact of the implementation of the UN Disability Inclusion Strategy launched in June 2019 by the UN Secretary General. The workshop reviewed various dimensions of UN activities in Tajikistan and underpinned the commitment of the UN leadership to mainstream disability inclusion in all aspects of UN's work and to create enabled environment for inclusive development.

The UN Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS) was launched by the Secretary General in June 2019 to bring transformative change on inclusion of persons with disabilities in the UN's work. The Strategy covers the 3 pillars of the UN's work development, human rights, and peace and security and cuts across programmes and operations. The Strategy will play a key role in enabling the UN system to support Member States in their achievement of the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as no country can achieve the SDGs without meeting the needs of most vulnerable people, including people with disabilities. The strategy also will support the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as well as a range of other development, human rights, and humanitarian commitments.

For more information please contact: Mr. Manuchehr Rakhmonov Partnerships and Development Finance Analyst, UN Resident Coordinator Office in Tajikistan, at [email protected] and visit:

Source: United nations in Tajikistan