Media: Taliban appoint their ambassador to Tajikistan

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The Independent Farsi news agency reported that Zohir Agbar was fired from his post as Afghan Ambassador to Tajikistan on the orders of “Taliban” Foreign Minister Mawlawi Amirhan Muttaki.


According to news agency sources, the order was signed on November 27, 2022. By another order, Muhammad Zarif Asir, Javod Shula and Kabir Qasim, who previously worked at the Afghan Embassy in Dushanbe, were appointed Ambassador, Consul and Embassy Specialist in Tajikistan, respectively.


According to sources, the Independent Farsi also reports that Tajikistan sent two of its diplomats to Kabul about five months ago, and during this time, relations between the Taliban regime and the Tajik state were restored.


” Then the Taliban introduced a man named Qori Faizulrahman Atoi as an assistant to the Afghan ambassador in Dushanbe, but for unknown reasons he did not go to Dushanbe”, – noted the source.


The current Afghan Ambassador to Tajikistan, Muhammad Zohir Agbar, in an interview with Asia-Plus denied the news about his dismissal and the appointment of a new ambassador and said that the embassy did not receive any instructions from the Taliban.


The statement of the Afghan Embassy in Dushanbe on this matter also says: “The Embassy does not recognize the Taliban government, Tajikistan, like all countries of the world, also did not recognize this group”. The Embassy continues to work on the basis of the current legislation of Tajikistan.


Source: Asia-Plus