Meeting on Afghanistan in Tunxi notes Tajikistan’s initiative on “security belt” around Afghanistan

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According to him, Ashouriyon stated that Tajikistan, as close neighbor, has always advocated a comprehensive peaceful solution to the Afghan problem.

The Tajik representative reportedly noted the shared interest in Afghanistan becoming a politically stable, peaceful and developing country observing fundamental human rights and freedoms and being free from terrorism and drug crime.

“Formation of an inclusive government through elections and with the participation of all political, ethnic and social groups as well as ensuring human rights are fundamental conditions for stabilizing the situation and solving security problems in Afghanistan,” Ashouriyon noted in his statement.

It was also stressed that Tajikistan has repeatedly stated the necessity of providing humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

In this connection, it was mentioned that Tajikistan provided its logistical capabilities, including six bridges across the Panj River for delivery by international organizations of humanitarian cargo to Afghanistan.

Besides, Tajikistan continues supplying electricity to this country.

“We are ready to further contribute to this process in every possible way in order to create the necessary prerequisites for the establishment of peace, stability and security in the long-suffering land of Afghanistan and support Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction,” Ashouriyon noted in the conclusion.

Meanwhile, a joint statement issued by the meeting participants says they reaffirmed readiness to strengthen counter-terrorism and security cooperation among neighboring countries, build a united front against terrorism and noted the initiative of the Republic of Tajikistan on “security belt” around Afghanistan. They also expressed readiness to conduct counter-terrorism and security cooperation with Afghanistan to help it build counter-terrorism capacity.

Source: Asia-Plus