Message of greetings on the occasion of Eid alFitr

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Dear Compatriots!

This year, Eid alFitr will be celebrated in Tajikistan on June 5. On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate the glorious people of Tajikistan and wish each inhabitant of our country happiness, wellbeing, a peaceful life and abundance.

Traditionally, younger and elderly people in our country are glad to celebrate national and state holidays and observe the traditions of our ancestors in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, political stability, unity, mutual understanding and honor for customs and national cultural values.

The source of all the achievements and good phenomena over the past three decades is the sovereignty and independence of our native Tajikistan.

Therefore, honoring freedom and independence, protecting its achievements, striving for the development and improvement of the homeland, ensuring economic development and improving the wellbeing of the people of Tajikistan are the sacred duties and missions of every citizen of the country.

Therefore, we must direct all our forces toward this path and educate the younger generations who are the future creators and masters of Tajikistan, in the spirit of unity and solidarity, selfawareness and national pride, honor for the shrines of the homeland and respect for the customs and traditions of our ancient nation.

It is gratifying that in recent years, our generous citizens, according to the humanistic customs inherited from our ancestors, have been helping lowincome families, orphans, the disabled, orphanages and nursing homes, making a worthy contribution to the improvement of cities and towns of our country.

I express my gratitude to everyone who has done pious deeds in this holy month and I am confident that the number of such people will continue to grow.

Each good deed aimed at supporting the orphaned and the poor in the Muslim culture is considered the best deed.

The humanistic and tolerant nature of the sacred religion of Islam is expressed through such good and godly deeds, and importantly, such actions contribute to the strengthening of national unity, stability in society and relations between the inhabitants of the country.

Even in the early stages of the spread of Islam, the wise and insightful sons of the Tajik people and culture, such as Imam Azam Abu Hanifa and Imam alBukhari, played a prominent role in commenting and spreading the humanistic ideas of the sacred religion of Islam, in spreading science, enlightening the people and promoting cultural values.

Indeed, the maintenance of the lamplight of education and the encouragement for the study of science are one of the most important points in the teachings of our highly educated ancestors.

It is for this reason that during the rule of the Samanids, religious precepts, including the attributes of the holy month of Ramadan, acquired a national character.

In the following centuries, the study of secular sciences along with religion became a tradition. Many geniuses born among our people made a worthy contribution to the treasury of world science and culture. That is, in the national character of the Tajiks, the search for knowledge and scientific discovery have deep roots reaching back to antiquity.

The rapid challenges of the new century and the new developments in science and technology allow us to use the achievements of science, progressive thinking, and the enormous possibilities in the sphere of information and communication to further strengthen independence and ensure the development of the national economy.

Therefore, the duty of every patrioticminded citizen and enlightened Muslim today and at all times is to fulfill their civic duty, along with the religious precepts, in order to direct all their efforts towards strengthening the tranquility, improvement of the Motherland, developing the state, protecting independence, peace, stability, and national unity, which are our greatest achievements.

Events and processes that have taken place on a global scale in recent years encourage us to by no means lose our political vigilance, national honor, patriotism, selfawareness and national pride.

At the same time, we must not allow the ideas of violence, the radical slogans of separatism and discord, whatever form they may take, to interfere with our peaceful and sustainable life.

The faith and the will of the Godfearing people should be directed to the accomplishment and creation, and not to incite discord, revenge and committing unscrupulous and unworthy deeds.

Dear compatriots!

We celebrate the onset of the Eid alFitr holiday with the laying of the holiday spread, while remembering to save and prevent waste, with pure hearts and good wishes, visiting parents and relatives, commemorating the departed by reading sacred verses, expressing our condolences to those who are mourning, and thus fulfill our human duty.

The greatest blessing of these days is visit and provide generous assistance to the needy, the sick and the poor, lowincome families, orphans and invalids, because according to the great sons of the nation, the goodness of these acts exceeds even the benefit of pilgrimage.

Therefore, generosity and a merciful attitude towards the orphans, the disabled, and the needy, which look to us with hope, are the human and religious duty of every believer.

Once again I congratulate all the inhabitants of our country with the sacred holiday Eid alFitr and wish everyone health, happiness, wellbeing and all earthly joys.

Source: President of Republic of Tajikistan