Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan: 71 charter flights will be launched by the end of September

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The agency has published a list of additional charters from Russia.


The Republican headquarters for the fight against coronavirus in Tajikistan decided to make 71 additional charter flights from various cities of Russia to Tajikistan from September 16 to 30. All flights will be operated by “Somon Air”, the country’s foreign ministry reports.


All charter flights will be operated as agreed with the Russian authorities.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes that compatriots returning to their homeland must have a certificate of the absence of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), obtained by testing by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method, no earlier than 96 hours (4 days) before arriving in Tajikistan. Children under 3 years old are exempt from providing a certificate.


Lists of Tajik citizens for inclusion on outbound charter flights are compiled by special commissions operating at the embassy in Moscow and consulates general in other cities of Russia.


At the same time, priority, as before, is given to vulnerable groups of citizens, primarily the sick, women with small children, the elderly, as well as persons who have previously left for Russia for business purposes.


Compatriots can send their applications for returning home in electronic form to the email [email protected] for subsequent consideration by the mentioned commissions.


Source: Asia Plus