Ministry of Health of Tajikistan: There is no shortage of places for reception and placement of patients with coronavirus in the country

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«Currently, in Tajikistan, despite the daily increase in patients with coronavirus, there are no problems with the lack of medical personnel involved in the treatment of patients with COVID-19. In the case of a shortage of specialists in medical institutions where patients with coronavirus are treated, they will be attracted from other institutions»,- reports NIAT “Khovar”, referring to the Ministry of Health of the Republic.


The state agency also notes that all medical facilities in the country where people are diagnosed with COVID-19 are provided with the necessary medicines, conditions for the provision of medical services, protective clothing, disinfectants and highly qualified specialists.


«According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Tajikistan, to date, 42 thousand beds have been created in the country’s healthcare institutions.


There are 5756 beds in hospitals to receive people infected with COVID-19 in Dushanbe. In the coming week, another 2 thousand beds will be created», – noted in the message.


In the context of the spread of coronavirus in Tajikistan, anesthetists, pulmonologists, resuscitators, therapists, and cardiologists are in demand. Work on the opening of additional medical facilities and the distribution of doctors is carried out centrally, the Ministry of Health reports.


Doctors say the opposite


However, despite the fact that coronavirus was announced in Tajikistan on April 30, doctors are still afraid to speak openly with the media about the disease and the lack of protective equipment or other needs.


Despite the statements of the Ministry of Health and the publication of state media that all medical facilities that fight against coronavirus are provided with necessary protective equipment and other necessary ones, the doctors themselves, on condition of anonymity, complain to independent media about the lack of protective equipment in hospitals.


They say that instead of helping them, they are forced to buy protective suits and kept silent.


In Tajikistan, the number of people infected with coronavirus as of May 18 reached 1729.


In terms of the number of victims, Tajikistan has already overtaken all countries in the region.


Source: Asia Plus