Ministry of Health: Only after proof of effectiveness Tajikistan will start negotiations on Russian vaccine against COVID-19

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The department says that this issue is currently not being discussed.


Tajikistan has not yet applied for a Russian vaccine against coronavirus. This was reported to “Asia-Plus” in the press center of the Ministry of Health of the republic.


The department noted that the Russian vaccine has not yet passed all stages of clinical trials.


«Only after all the stages have passed and the effectiveness of the vaccine is proven, we will begin negotiations on the acquisition. Currently, this issue is not being discussed” – added in the Ministry of Health.


Meanwhile, back on August 13, the republican SES reported that Tajikistan would send an application for the purchase of a Russian vaccine the other day.


«We hope with the help of the government and development partners to receive a vaccine developed by Russia against the coronavirus. For this, it is necessary that the Ministry of Health of Tajikistan creates a working group and identifies a group of more vulnerable people who primarily need vaccination», – a source said.


At the same time, the Ministry of Health reported that, first of all, patients with diabetes mellitus, asthmatics, doctors and border guards who are on duty at checkpoints will receive the vaccine with the Russian vaccine, as well as that the Ministry of Health has already begun negotiations with the relevant structures of Russia on vaccine purchase. It was also noted that people who have recovered from the coronavirus and who have antibodies will not be vaccinated..


Source: Asia Plus