Ministry of Health Responds to Rumors of Alleged Covid 19 Cases in Tajikistan

7 months ago Comments Off on Ministry of Health Responds to Rumors of Alleged Covid 19 Cases in Tajikistan

To date no coronavirus case has been registered in Tajikistan. However, peventive measures are increasing in the country every day, according to the Tajik Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population.

The ministry notes that such measures should not be a cause for panic.

Only measures preventing participation in international Olympiads, traveling to countries where the virus is registered, temporarily suspending collective prayers in mosques with the exception of funeral prayers and temporary banning public events, will be implemented in Tajikistan, according to the ministry, which is calling on the media to publish only official and verified news on this sensitive issue and provide accurate information to the country's citizens.

It seems that a group of people is interested in publishing any false and unfounded news regarding the coronavirus alleging that a cases have been registered in Tajikistan, in order to stun people, informs the ministry.

In order to prevent the virus, the ministry recommends that every person follow the rules of personal hygiene and wash their hands often with soap and use disinfectants.

Consume more fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. Also, people should avoid crowded areas or wear masks. Additionally, it is advisable to refrain from shaking hands, hugging and kissing each other as is done during greetings per Tajik tradition, they recommend.

Source: President of Republic of Tajikistan