Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan: “Zoirov’s words about the attack on him were not confirmed”

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Zoyirov himself, in an interview with Asia-Plus, said that he did not write a statement to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, because he did not trust the authorities.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan circulated a statement where, according to witnesses, it is said that no one attacked Zoyirov, he himself fell, his dog dragged him into the tray.


The statement notes that Rakhmatillo Zoyirov did not apply to the authorities on the fact of the beating, but after spreading his statement on Facebook, the metropolitan police decided to investigate.


«According to his statement on Facebook, the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city of Dushanbe and the Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs – 1 of the Sino district began checking the incident. Zoyirov was summoned for a forensic medical examination. According to the conclusion of the forensic medical examination No. 5905 of September 24, 2020, bodily injuries received in the form of scratches did not harm the health of citizen Zoyirov, no head injuries were found », – said in a statement by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.




The statement also cites the words of alleged witnesses of the incident, where they deny the fact of the attack on the politician.


So 22-year-old Kobiljon Dalatkhojaev, a resident of Mayakovsky Street, where Zoyirov also lives, said that “on the evening of September 22, 2020, he met his neighbor Zoyirov, who was walking with his dog”.


«His dog was dragged with him, causing him to fall into the tray», – said Davlatkhojaev, noting that “no one attacked Zoyirov, since at that moment there was no one nearby”.


Another resident of Mayakovsky Street, 57-year-old Fakhriddin Khuseynov, said that on the morning of September 23, he met Rakhmatillo Zoyirov and “regarding the scratches on his face, he said that he had fallen near his house”.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs also quotes Zoirov’s wife, Mavzuna Karimova, that when asked “why the clothes are dirty,” the husband said that he fell into the tray and did not say anything about the beating.


«That is, during a thorough check, the statements of citizen Zoyirov did not find their confirmation. At the time of the alleged attack it was light, and Zoyirov claims that he was attacked by two men, and he lay unconscious in the tray for several minutes. If this were so, then numerous passers-by would have noticed him. Currently, the Department of Internal Affairs-1 of the Sino district continues to preliminary check the incident», – the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan contains.


Zoyirov: “I don’t believe in any authorities”


Today, September 29, in a short conversation with Asia-Plus, Rakhmatillo Zoyirov said that he did not accept the version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and stressed again that on September 22, unknown people did attack him. To the question “why didn’t go to the authorities” he answered: “Firstly, after the incident I lay at home for 14 hours, and secondly, I don’t believe any authorities”.


According to him, he was “ashamed to tell his neighbor that he was beaten and told him that he “fell”.


“When I wanted to enter the house, my wife was standing near the entrance with people. I didn’t want to talk about the attack in front of them, and that’s why I told my wife that I had fallen”, – says the politician.


Source: Asia Plus