Modern Trolleybuses Will Move on Dushanbe Streets

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The Chairman of Dushanbe Rustam Emomali attended the presentation ceremony of the new modern trolleybuses brand 3321 00 D brought from Belarus in the State Unitary Enterprise Trolleybus of the capital. This brand of modern trolleybuses in Central Asian was firstly brought to Dushanbe.

New electric vehicles were brought to Tajikistan on the initiative of Rustam Emomali as part of the Years of Rural Development, Tourism and Folk Crafts. New trolleybuses will help improve the quality and level of passenger service, as well as will bring new colors to the image of the capital while driving along the streets and avenues, reports the Department of Public Information and External Affairs of the Chairman's Office.

During the presentation, it was informed that the trolleybuses were manufactured by Belkommunmash plant in Belarus and have a huge advantage over their predecessors with economical power consumption, level and quality of service, movement in city condition.

Trolleybuses are manufactured using advanced technologies, equipped with an electric motor with alternating current and lithium batteries to accumulate electricity, which allows to accumulate electricity while moving and, if necessary, move up to 15-20 kilometers without contact.

While familiarizing, the Chairman of Dushanbe instructed the responsible persons to take measures to introduce this type of vehicle and update the trolleybus fleet, as well as to improve the skills of trolleybus drivers in retraining courses, because the new trolleybuses are equipped with the latest equipment that new professional skills from drivers.

New trolleybuses can accommodate up to 90 passengers, the inner cabin consists of 22 benches, a bulletin board, means of notifying passengers inside and outside the cabin, as well as a surveillance system with 8 cameras, which creates additional amenities for passengers.

Also, for the entry and exit of passengers, a knilling system is installed, which allows the driver to raise and lower the footpath of the trolleybus entrance in necessary cases using a special control panel.

For persons with disabilities near the middle door installed equipment ramp with which the entrance can be raised and lowered to the desired level.

During the inspection, the responsible persons were instructed to use the new trolleybuses for 6 months in test mode.

Rustam Emomali drew the attention of the management of enterprises and industry officials to the storage and maintenance of electric vehicles and stressed the need to create conditions for the technical inspection of trolleybuses.

Currently, 87 electric vehicles move on 7 trolleybus routes of Dushanbe and serve its residents and guests.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan