More than 1,000 people in Tajikistan treating coronavirus at home

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A source within a MoHSPP says the condition of these patients is satisfactory and they are under supervision of family doctors.


“People with mild symptoms could be treated at home. The family doctor must be aware of their health condition,” the Health Ministry chief pulmonologist, Ms. Hakima Ahmadova, told Asia-Plus in an interview.


She further noted that only a doctor could prescribe home treatment after medical examination.


As of the evening of June 30, 5,954 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Tajikistan. 4,568 patients have reportedly recovered as of the evening of June 30 and 256 people are under supervision of doctors.


According to the MoHSPP, an official number of the coronavirus-linked deaths remains in the country the same – 52.


Meanwhile, the global death toll from the coronavirus is over 500,000, with more than 10.4 million infections confirmed, causing mass disruptions as governments continue to try to slow the spread of the respiratory illness.


Faced with a spike in coronavirus cases in Uzbekistan, the Uzbek authorities have re-imposed measures in some areas, reversing course after slowly rescinding a mid-March lockdown. A government commission on efforts to slow the outbreak said on June 30 that as of July 1, public transportation will be limited and no more than three people will be allowed to gather between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. on weekends in the regions with registered coronavirus cases. Additionally, a curfew from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. will be imposed on weekends. Only people who need urgent medical assistance will be allowed to leave their homes during the curfew, the commission said. Uzbek health authorities said on June 30 that the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country was 8,298, of whom 5,495 people recovered, while 24 patients have died.


In neighboring Kazakhstan, newly appointed Health Minister Aleksei Tsoi recommended that the authorities introduce a four-week, nationwide lockdown to hold the number of newly registered coronavirus cases that need hospitalization to around 2,500 by the end of August. Tsoi added that without a lockdown, the number of newly registered coronavirus cases that need hospitalization may reach 27,000 by late August. Kazakh health authorities said on June 30 that the number of coronavirus cases in the country reached 21,819, of which 13,008 people recovered, and 188 died.


In Kyrgyzstan, the Health Ministry said on June 30 that it had recorded 5,296 coronavirus patients in the country, of which 2,370 people recovered, and 57 died.


Turkmenistan, remains the only country in Central Asia that has not officially admitted a single coronavirus case, though experts are skeptical of the claim given the lack of transparency and the absence of an independent media in the tightly-controlled country.


Source: Asia Plus