Mosques can reopen for indoor services within the next few days, says Tajik grand mufti

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“The next meeting of the Shuroi Ulama (Council of Ulema — (Tajikistan’s highest Islamic institution) that will take place in the near future will discuss the issue of reopening mosques. In the meantime, I can’t say definitely whether the mosques will reopen or not. We are waiting for information from the Health Ministry about the epidemiologic situation in the country.


“We will take every precaution at mosques,” Tajik grand mufti added.


Recall, several mosques in Dushanbe in early March asked worshippers to not attend Friday Prayers as a precaution against the spreading of the coronavirus in the country. The move by some mosques to suspend mass prayers was based on a recommendation from the Tajik Islamic Center.


The proper appeal was published on the website of the Islamic Center. “In order to prevent infection and the spread of the virus among the inhabitants of the country, it was decided to temporarily refuse to perform collective prayers, except for performing janaza”, the statement said.


The mosques, however, reopened for collective prayers on March 20.


In April, the Council of Ulema told mosques to suspend public gatherings, including Friday prayers, beginning on April 18 to protect against the coronavirus.


A decision adopted by the Council of Ulema on April 17 also imposed suspension on performing Taraweeh (additional ritual prayers performed by Muslims at night after the Isha prayer during the holy month of Ramadan) and public gathering such as iftar and others.


“It is also necessary to temporarily suspend collective prayers in mosques,” the decision said.


Source: Asia Plus