Mudslides cause damage to villages in Asht and Isfara districts

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“On July 13, mudslides damaged 25 homestead lands and a rural road in the village of Mullomir in the Shaidon jamoat of the Asht district, Umeda Yusufi, a spokeswoman for the Emergencies Committee,” told Asia-Plus in an interview.


No injured was reported, according to her


“In the evening of July 14, torrential rain caused mudslides in the Chorkuh and Vorukh jamoats as well as Juyii Dam mahalla of the Isfara district,” Yusufi said.


“The mudslides have damaged eight homestead lands in the Chorkuh jamoat and four homestead lands in the Vorukh jamoat and the Juyii mahalla,” Yusufi said, noting that no injured was reported.


Source: Asia Plus