Muzaffar Ashuriyon: Tajikistan, Always Stood for a Comprehensive Peaceful Solution to the Afghan Problem

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Today, the delegation of Tajikistan headed by the Minister of Justice Muzaffar Ashuriyon attended the third Foreign Ministers’ Meeting among the Neighboring Countries of Afghanistan in Tunxi, China, reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan.

In his speech, the head of the Tajik delegation noted the common interest in the development of Afghanistan as a politically stable, peaceful and developing state that respects fundamental human rights and freedoms, and is free from terrorism and drug crime.

“The formation of an inclusive government through elections and with the participation of all political, ethnic and social groups, as well as ensuring human rights, are fundamental conditions for stabilizing the situation and solving security problems in Afghanistan. Tajikistan, as a close neighbor, has always stood for a comprehensive peaceful solution to the Afghan problem,” Ashuriyon noted.

He also emphasized that Tajikistan has repeatedly stated the need for the international community to provide all possible humanitarian assistance to the long-suffering Afghan people.

In this regard, Ashuriyon mentioned that Tajikistan has provided its logistics capabilities, including six bridges on the Tajik-Afghan border for the delivery of humanitarian cargo by international organizations, and continues to supply electricity to this country.

“We are ready to further assist with this process in every possible way in order to create the necessary prerequisites for the establishment of peace and stability, security and socio-economic revival in the long-suffering land of Afghanistan,” Ashuriyon noted.

The meeting resulted in the adoption of the Joint Statement of the Third Foreign Ministers’s Meeting among the Neighboring Countries of Afghanistan, as well as the Tunxi Initiative to support the economic recovery of Afghanistan.

The Joint Statement, along with other proposals from Tajikistan, also records President Emomali Rahmon’s initiative to create a “security belt” around Afghanistan.

Following the event, Ashuriyon held a bilateral meeting with the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi.

The meeting focused on the issues of the Tajik-Chinese relations of comprehensive strategic partnership.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan