New Laboratory for the Analysis and Monitoring of the Composition of the Atmosphere Opened at the Physico-Technical Institute of Tajikistan

On June 6, in the Aivaj village of Shahritus district, with the participation of scientists and specialists of the S.U.Umarov Physical–Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan (PhTI) and Chinese Lanzhou University, a ceremony was held to open and put into operation a modern technology for analyzing and monitoring the composition of the atmosphere of the new scientific station, reports Institute’s Rector Farhod Shokir.

According to him, the climate change is one of the urgent problems of modern society, and an accurate and objective analysis of climatic processes is important to keep the environment clean and stable, first of all, to protect the health of citizens. Among them, one of the most common negative processes of recent decades is dust intrusions, as a result of which the atmosphere is polluted with dust particles. Therefore, scientists in the field of atmospheric sciences and climatology of the countries of the world, including our country, are trying to accurately analyze the true causes of such phenomena in order to develop effective ways to prevent these phenomena.

Equipment for the laboratory, according to Shokir, was delivered to Tajikistan on the basis of cooperation between the Physical–Technical Institute and the College of Atmospheric Sciences of the Chinese Lanzhou University.

It should be noted that in international practice, for conducting detailed studies of atmospheric phenomena, not single stations are usually used, but a network of stations, each of which is located in key trajectories of air flows. The commissioning of a new station in the southern part of Tajikistan will make it possible to conduct a broader analysis of atmospheric phenomena and improve the accuracy of scientific results in accordance with international standards.

To this end, in 2019, the German Institute for Tropospheric Research handed over to Tajikistan a modern laboratory for monitoring and analyzing atmospheric microparticles, which currently operates at the scientific site of the Physical-Technical Institute in the academic campus of the National Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan