Number of divorces constantly growing in Tajikistan

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The number of divorces is constantly growing in Tajikistan. notes that this leads to numerous problems, especially for young women, who are traditionally parented to become only wives and mothers. Young women are left alone without education and profession, with little children, often without support of their parents who cannot provide for them. According to official statistics, every eighth couple gets divorced.

In Tajikistan, it is enough for a man to say “Talaq” three times to his wife to consider himself divorced. Such cases of divorce are not officially registered, but it is no longer possible to continue living together after that.

The experts consider early marriages as one of the reasons for divorces. Despite the fact that according to the Tajik legislation, it is possible to marry only after 18, early marriages are encouraged in the patriarchal Tajik society. It is believed in Tajikistan that the sooner a girl is married off, the better wife she will become.

The state prohibits early marriage, but it does not stop some parents. It is believed that, according to Islamic law, a girl can be married earlier than the secular law allows, at 15-16 years of age, if she is sufficiently physically developed. Islamic cleric – domullo performs a marriage ceremony, “nikah.” Although, it is forbidden in Tajikistan to perform wedding ceremonies without a certificate from the registry office, some clergy believe that Islamic laws implementation is more important that secular ones.

In 2019, the Center for Investigative Journalism conducted a research Early Marriage as a Cause of Divorce and Suicide in Tajikistan in 17 cities and districts of the country. According to it, the influence of mentality, lack of education and poverty are the main factors of early marriage.

Psychologist Nargis Toymastova considers the intervention of relatives in the life of a new family as another reason for divorce. Often in Tajikistan, several generations of one family live in the same house: parents, sons and their wives, grandchildren. The lack of own house forces young people to follow the rules and requirements of the houses’ owners.

Besides, marriages with Russian women became ordinary for Tajik migrants. They hope to improve their life in a foreign country, as well as to legitimize their stay on the territory of Russia.

Source: Asia plus