O Mobile. “Popular and accessible”. A new mobile operator enters the Tajik telecommunications market

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A new mobile company O Mobile appeared in Tajikistan, which operates on the principle of a virtual mobile operator.


What is “O Mobile”?


«O Mobile» – this is a cellular company in Tajikistan, the official opening of which will take place at the end of October. On its website Omobile.tj, the company calls itself a “popular and accessible mobile operator”.


Now the new operator is located at 55 Rudaki Avenue, but promises that it will soon open a network of service centers in large cities and expand its retail network in the regions.


What a competitive advantage?


The operator has already developed a line of “Ofarin” tariff plans with a price range from 5 to 15 somoni. The mobile company sees its competitive advantage in the cost of voice calls: for example, for 15 somoni per month you can get 250 minutes of voice calls and 15 SMS. Additional 100 minutes can be purchased for 5 somoni. Outgoing minutes with other mobile operators outside the tariffs is 0.12 somoni.


For comparison, for other operators, the cost per minute of outgoing calls with other operators is 0.20 somoni. Outgoing calls within the network are free.


The company has no advantages in Internet packages. The cost of 1000 MB is 25 somoni.


Source: Asia Plus