OSCE Secretary General Concerned About the Presence of Terrorists of the Islamic Renaissance Party in Europe

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A working meeting between the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) took place on April 25 at the CSTO secretariat in Moscow.

Representatives of the participating countries, the delegation of the CSTO secretariat and the OSCE delegation led by the Secretary General Thomas Greminger attended the meeting.

The parties discussed strengthening cooperation between the two international organizations and called as priorities the joint struggle against extremist, terrorist movements and parties in order to ensure security and stability in the region and the world and expressed their readiness to strengthen effective and fruitful cooperation in this direction.

One of the key issues and remarks made by the CSTO to the OSCE Secretary General Greminger was the providing tribune to terrorist and extremist organizations, particularly to the terroristextremist organization Islamic Renaissance Party (TEO IRP, banned in Tajikistan).

The OSCE is one of the most authoritative organizations in the region and the world. It is doing a great job of ensuring peace and stability in all parts of the world. But, unfortunately, some terrorist and extremist organizations, abusing humanistic initiatives, under the pretext of allegedly violating their religious and secular rights and freedoms, scream publicly from the tribunes of this international organization, thereby trying to hide their previously committed crimes, stressed the CSTO secretariat.

The OSCE Secretary General expressed his gratitude for the information provided on the TEO IRP and noted that they are also very concerned about this topic. He also noted that various structures and institutions are active within the OSCE, and it is they that make the initiative to come speak at OSCE's annual meetings.

Unfortunately, sometimes the unfriendly circles use the opportunities offered by the OSCE for their own selfish purposes. The OSCE leadership is aware of its omission in this regard. After returning to the OSCE residence, it will create a competent commission and will reconsider the participation of random and unworthy persons, like members of the TEO IRP, in its meetings.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan