Over 2,100 Objects Will Be Built and Reconstructed in Khatlon in 2020

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DUSHANBE,  The construction and reconstruction of facilities devoted to the 30th anniversary of independence of continues in Khatlon Province’s cities and districts.

Over 7,540 objects are planned to be built and reconstruct by 2021, reports Khatlon’s administration.

As of April 1, construction work has been completed at 3901 facilities. It is expected that 2,104 objects will be built and reconstructed this year. For the first three months, 366 facilities have been opened, with a total of 4,742 permanent and 11,160 seasonal new jobs.

Out of the total number of completed objects, 237 relate to education, 468 to health care, 105 to culture, 260 to sport, 55 to tourism, 218 to industry, and ten to agriculture.

Local entrepreneurs make a big contribution to the construction of facilities, says Khatlon’s administration.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan