Over 75% of Registered Voter Cast Their Ballots

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DUSHANBE: As of 15:00, the turnout is 75.1% said the Chairperson of the Central Elections Commission (CEC) of Tajikistan Khudoyor Khudoyorzoda.

Assembly of Representatives elections had a voter turnout of more than 47.1% by midday, according to the country's election commission. The elections are valid if voter turnout is above 50%.

According to the CEC, more than 4.9 million voters are registered throughout the country.

Around 3.412 polling stations have been set up for the elections, 39 of which are located abroad at the country's diplomatic missions.

A total of 230 observers, representatives of international organizations, including Inter � parliamentary Assembly of Member Nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States (IPA CIS), CIS Executive Committee, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) and foreign countries, including Russia, Iran, United States, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Germany, China and Japan are monitoring the election process in all the regions of the country.

Voting will last until 20:00 local time.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan