Over 85% of Employees Engaged in the Appointment and Payment of Pensions Transferred to Other Positions

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DUSHANBE,  Over 85% of employees who dealt with the appointment and payment of pensions until June 2020 have been transferred to other positions in order to prevent corruption. This was said today by the Director of the Agency for Social Insurance and Pensions Dilmurod Davlatzoda at a press conference.

According to him, other necessary measures are being taken to prevent corruption, eliminate existing shortcomings and ensure transparency in the process of assigning pensions to citizens.

“Regulations of the agency’s structural divisions were developed, the functions of employees involved in the appointment and payment of pensions were strictly delimited, duplicate functions between district and city administrations and departments were eliminated, information interaction processes were optimized, and the procedure for processing pension documents was simplified,” he added.

“Staff rotation is necessary to combat corruption and involves the movement of specialists based on their business, professional and moral qualities,” noted Davlatzoda.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan