Panjakent Pedagogical Institute Begins Production of Colloidal Silver Treated Masks

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DUSHANBE,  Panjakent Pedagogical Institute in collaboration with the Marifatparvar has begun to produce disposable and multiple use medical masks.

These colloidal silver treated bacteria killing masks were recommended as a measure to safeguard against the proliferation of airborne infections by the President of the Tajik National Academy of Sciences Farhod Rahimi.

Currently, 30 students, teachers and local tailors are involved in the production of medical masks, the capacity of which is approximately 10,000 per day. The masks have been distributed free of charge to employees of the institute, the local government and law enforcement agencies of Panjakent, and the rest were sold at affordable prices to city pharmacies.

“At present, 50,000 masks are being prepared at the workshop. We plan to increase the number of employees in this area in the future,” said the Vice-Rector for Education, Candidate of Economic Sciences Firdavs Najmiddinov.

According to him, colloidal silver treated masks can protect against respiratory infections for 24 hours. Silver does not lose its protective properties when washed or ironed.

This technology was studied under the leadership of the President of the Tajik National Academy of Sciences Rahimi, and after his recommendation, the production of masks was launched.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan