Pashinyan in Washington did Moscow’s bidding, experts in Baku and Yerevan say

Foreign Ministers Ceyhun Bayramov and Ararat Mirzoyan have concluded talks in the United States, reaching "mutual agreement on some articles of the draft bilateral agreement on peace and on the establishment of interstate relations. At the same time, they acknowledged that positions on some key issues remain different," the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.

Milli Majlis MP Rasim Musabekov explained the lack of a documented agreement after the talks in America as being due to the Russian pressure on Yerevan.

"At the talks in Washington, Armenia stuck to its demands and thwarted the initialing of an agreement with Azerbaijan. A continuation of the negotiations in Moscow was announced. Encouragement followed from there: the repair of the main gas pipeline in the Stavropol region is completed, and the gas supplies to Armenia, interrupted on May 1, are restored.

The deputy also expects an encouraging gesture from the Kremlin in the form of resumption of the passage of Armenian trucks with agricultural products through the Lars crossing, which was suspended during the Washington meetings of Ministers.

Armenia does not expect a breakthrough in the negotiation process, even in the next, Moscow phase. According to political analyst Suren Surenyants, the government's rating has reached a historic low, Pashinyan will do everything to avoid signing any document, "because he knows that any document, regardless of whether there are negotiations in Moscow, Washington or Brussels, cannot be in Armenia's interests."

"Prime Minister Pashinyan understands that after the signing of any Armenian-Azerbaijani document he will face insoluble domestic political problems.There could be upheavals in the country. And this may be as far as regime change, because a large part of the Armenian society does not trust it. But we must realize that Pashinyan`s resources are not unlimited. Eventually he will be forced to make a choice between geopolitical centres.The authorities have driven themselves into a deadlock," Surenyants said.

Source: Turan News Agency