Peskov on expectations from the upcoming meeting of the Deputy Prime Ministers of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia

The current circumstances allow us to count on the possibility of concluding a peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia in the foreseeable future, but the main thing is not time, but the final solution of all issues,the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Friday. Representatives of Azerbaijan, Armenia and the Russian Federation will meet "at the end of next week in Moscow" to discuss the issues between the parties. "There is no task to finalize everything to the end, because the main thing is still the end result, no one is chasing time here," the TASS news agency quoted Peskov. According to him, now it is hardly possible to predict "the exact date of signing a peace treaty." It should be noted that a week later, Aliyev and Pashinyan are meeting in Chisinau, where they are to discuss the signing of a peace agreement mediated by the presidents of the Council of the European Union and France, as well as the German Chancellor. Thus, the meeting of the deputy prime ministers in Moscow will take place after the meeting in Chisinau. As for the meeting of the deputy prime ministers, according to the President of Russia, they will have to agree on "technical issues and terms", which will allow signing a document on the opening of communications in the region.

Source: Turan News Agency