Petroleum products, textile and construction materials are on the top of exchange trades

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DUSHANBE, Today, the Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon arrived in Sughd. The trip's aim was to get acquainted with the socio-economic development of the province, ongoing activities on landscaping and to take part in the opening ceremony of various new facilities.

Emomali Rahmon's trip began in the city of Buston, where he took part in the ceremony launching the Sugdpolitex's polyethylene bags producing venture. The construction of the enterprise began in 2017 by Emomali Rahmon's instructions. Two years later now, the construction of this 12 million somoni costing enterprise is finally complete. The necessary equipment was imported from China and Taiwan.

The company will produce 207 types of polyethylene bags, while processing 20 tons of waste-free raw materials from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan every month. The production capacity is 100,000 polyethylene bags daily or 3 million bags every month.

The total area of the enterprise employing 100 people covers 4,119 square meters.

Currently, 30 manufacturing enterprises operate in Buston. Their industrial output in 2018 reached over 240 million somoni.

President Emomali Rahmon also took part in the ceremony of a private preschool Guli Navruzi.The head of state was informed that the two-story kindergarten provides Tajik and Russian curriculum to its 240 preschoolers.

Later, President Emomali Rahmon attended the inauguration of a three-story modern service complex Bahor. Its construction work started in 2017 by local entrepreneurs. The first floor of the service center houses beauty salons and a shopping center, the second floor is designated for restaurants and the third for a hotel. The construction of the building cost 4 million somoni.

During the ceremony President Emomali Rahmon presented festive gifts to 50 orphans. He congratulated the teenagers with the Navruz holiday and encouraged them to excel in their studies.

President Emomali Rahmon went on to unveil the commemorative sign over the reconstructed Palace of Youth. The three � story building has a 700-seat capacity limit. Its construction began in June of last year. In order to honor the personality and perpetuate the memory of a Tajik poet Loiq Sherali, the head of state named this palace in his honor.

Following his inspection, President Emomali Rahmon held a meeting with the youths of the province. President Emomali Rahmon also presented holiday gifts to 100 orphans who were brought together from the secondary and higher educational institutions of the city of Khujand. He congratulated them with Navruz and encouraged them to excel in their studies and to embody moral and exemplary behavior. The gifts included clothing, shoes, sweets and money. According to statistics, there are 467 orphans registered in Sughd.

President Emomali Rahmon also handed over the keys of ten apartment units to ten low-income families of Khujand.

In addition, President Emomali Rahmon visited the National Garden Vahdat of the Executive Office of the President of Tajikistan in the district of Bobojon Ghafurov and got acquainted with the progress of agricultural work and spring sowing. The new five-hectare vineyard has Shohona, Husayne (black and white), Black Kishmish and Victory varieties. The total area of the National Garden Vahdat is 631 hectares, and includes apricots, peaches, apple, cherries, plums and grapes.

Additional cherry trees were planted in an area encompassing 1.3 hectares and peach trees in an area of 1.3 hectares. In total, 6,000 trees were planted in the new garden. All trees were imported from Poland and Canada.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan