Pharmacy shelves in Buston stripped of antiviral drugs, while some drugstores shut down

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 Four of ten drugstores located near the city central hospital have been shut down. The operating drugstores have taken measures to ensure social distancing in line for medications.

The majority of drugstores do not have medications recommended by doctors for prevention and treatment of acute respiratory infections, including flu – anaferon, ergoferon, and grippferon.

Only in two drugstores, sellers were cautiously offering a package of anaferon for 50.00 somoni.

Meanwhile, there are fewer movements around the city now and there are no crowds at a food market.  Few people without face masks could be seen on the city’s streets. The majority of young people even wear protective gloves.

Grocery store sellers use face masks, gloves and protective eyeglasses.

Meanwhile, medicals workers are continuing house-to-house visits explaining preventive sanitary measures to people.

Source: Asia Plus