PM visits residents of Kuroson district severely impacted by devastating floods and mudslides last month

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The assistance including onions, vegetable oil, potatoes, wheat flour, macaroni products and building materials has been distributed to 67 families that were affected the most by the floods and mudslides.


A total damage caused by the floods and mudslides has reportedly been estimated at 6.725 million somoni.


While n Khuroson, Rasoulzoda also got acquainted with the process of rehabilitation of PK 659+100 canal that had been destroyed by a mudslide.


A land was allotted for construction of a new building of school that was damaged by the disaster, the Khatlon government press center says.


Recall, continuous heavy rains resulted in floods and mudslides between May 14 and 16 in Asadullo, 18th Partsyezd (Party Congress) and Pakhtaobod villages of the Khuroson district, Khatlon province.  Dozens of homes in these villages were partially or fully destroyed. Two me reportedly died and several others were injured from the natural disaster.


Source: Asia Plus