Poor families in Tajikistan received targeted state aid for $ 1.5 million in six months

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The Ministry of Health of Tajikistan has registered more than 103.6 thousand low-income families living in 40 cities and regions of the republic.


During the first half of this year, these families received targeted social assistance in the amount of about 16.1 million somoni (more than $ 1.5 million), Deputy Minister of Health Shodikhon Jamshed said on September 23 at a meeting of the ministry’s board.


He noted that the pilot mechanism of targeted social assistance to low-income families in the republic in order to reduce poverty has been operating since 2011..


According to the Deputy Minister, initially, under this mechanism, poor families of two cities of the Sughd Region and the Yavan District of the Khatlon Region received assistance.


He stressed that from January 1, 2016, poor families began to receive assistance in 25 cities and regions of the country, and from October 1 of the same year, 15 cities and districts were additionally connected.


Source: Asia Plus