Presentation of new project on improving drinking-water safety in rural Tajikistan

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The project Small and Safe: Scaling-up water safety planning, and effective water quality monitoring in rural in Tajikistan was presented today here in Dushanbe, NIAT Khovar correspondent reports.

The joint project aims to improve rural water supply in Tajikistan through supporting the introduction of water safety plans (WSPs). The WSP approach is a key recommendation of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality. Water safety plans help to improve the management of water supply which is productive of public health, � the WHO Regional Office for Europe statement reads.

According to statement, the project will strengthen institutional and personnel capacities and expertise on safely managed water supply in Tajikistan. It provides broad WSP training at all levels and educates national facilitators. To gain practical experience, WSPs will be implemented in ten villages and small town in five pilot districts. The development of a national WSP roadmap and a national WSP guideline shall facilitate long-term uptake in policy and practice.

A key pillar of the project is the development of effective strategies for monitoring of drinking-water quality in rural areas. Sanitary Epidemiological Services (SES) will be capacitated to undertake risk-based water quality monitoring. For this purpose, laboratory equipment of SES will be enhanced in the five pilot districts, which provides opportunity for improved assessment of water quality characteristics, � stated in statement.

The project is financially supported by the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be completed in July 2018.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan