President Emomali Rahmon’s Working Trip to Spitamen District

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DUSHANBE, The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon visited the Spitaman district, where he attended the opening ceremony of the Square of the National Emblem and the National Flag.

The newly erected 50-meter flag pole flies a 14-meter by 7-meter flag of Tajikistan. The height of the emblem is 25 meters.

President Emomali Rahmon voiced his appreciation of the work carried out by builders and urged those in charge to make a greater contribution to the landscaping.

Likewise, President Emomali Rahmon attended the opening ceremony of a building which houses a new library, the Kurushkada Historical Museum and Music School No. 2. The library has a capacity of 100 people and contains literature devoted to the achievements of independence, the classics, as well as works by modern Tajik poets and writers.

The second floor houses the Kurushkada Historical Museum, named in honor of the famous Cyrus the Great. The museum is a historical, regional, scientific and educational institution, which is engaged in the protection of historical and cultural monuments and items of national wealth.

The children's music school on the third floor has spacious concert hall and 11 classrooms devoted to the study of various national and traditional musical instruments and piano.

After his inspection, President Emomali Rahmon spoke with the local cultural figures, teachers and wished them success in their future activities.

Thereafter, the head of state visited Spitaman Textile and launched the start of a cotton-sowing campaign.

Spitaman-Textile has been operating ever since it was launched with the participation of President Emomali Rahmon in 2009. Spitaman Textile has the processing capacity of up to 4,000 tons of cotton per year. The finished product is exported, mainly exported to Turkey.

Subsequently, President Emomali Rahmon participated in the opening of the Palace of Culture in the village of Kurush, also in the Spitaman district. The building includes rooms for dance groups, sculpturing, painting and acting classes, as well as a reading room and a room for games, such as chess. The spacious assembly hall within the two-story Palace of Culture has 500 seats.

In the course of becoming acquainted with the new building, President Emomali Rahmon emphasized the importance of producing new performances and enriching the cultural life of the population. As established Navruz tradition, 50 orphans were presented with gifts and the cultural figures presented an art program.

Similarly, President Emomali Rahmon visited the 25-Anniversary of Independence LLC, located in the Spitaman district and launched into operation a vegetable oil processing plant.

In 2015, Davron Akhmedov, a local entrepreneur, created the cotton processing plant with a production capacity of 20,000 tons per year. After receiving a net profit, Akhmedov proceeded to open a modern vegetable oil processing plant next to the cotton processing plant.

The vegetable oil processing plant, which employs 25 people, has a daily processing capacity 65 tons of raw materials.

President Emomali Rahmon also became acquainted with the activities of the company Nexigol.

Nexigol has five hectares of land, wherein an intensive garden with several varieties of apples and peaches will be planted.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan