Press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan

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Organized criminal groups in the Rushan district of GBAO, led and sponsored by international extremist and terrorist organizations, seek to undermine state security, undermine the constitutional order, obstruct law enforcement, threaten the population, and use weapons and ammunition. Molotov cocktails were also used to attack a convoy of vehicles belonging to the anti-terrorist unit of the State Committee for National Security of the Republic of Tajikistan.

As a result, one officer was killed and 13 servicemen were seriously injured. Organized criminal groups consisting of 200 people using all types of weapons blocked the Dushanbe-Khorog highway and the border commandant's office in the center of Rushan district. Criminal groups have previously prepared and imported weapons for this purpose from abroad. Every honest resident of the region has witnessed the repeated statements of law enforcement agencies at rallies, conversations with members of the public and members of organized crime groups. , appeals through the media for the surrender of firearms, the renunciation of armed resistance against the constitutional structures of the country by criminal gangs went unanswered. Eventually, they committed crimes of a terrorist nature. In order to ensure the security of citizens and public order, the country's law enforcement agencies have launched an anti-terrorist operation. As a result, 8 unarmed militants, 11 wounded and more than seventy active members of the terrorist group were detained. A large quantity of weapons and ammunition, the Molotov cocktail, was confiscated from organized crime groups.

An organized criminal group also beat Laila Chorshanbieva, the deputy head of the Rushan district, for crossing a closed road and inflicting bodily injuries on her.

No civilians were injured during the operation.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against him and an investigation is under way.

Currently, the situation in the district is calm, the social infrastructure and public transport have resumed their normal activities and the residents of the district have resumed their daily activities.

The rest of the organized criminal groups are firmly declared that they still have the opportunity to peacefully hand over any weapons and surrender to law enforcement agencies. It will be late tomorrow.

Residents of the region are kindly requested to assist law enforcement agencies to ensure public order, security of citizens, social infrastructure, activation of international traffic, prevention of all kinds of violations and, ultimately, the stability of society, as in all parts of our beloved country.

Only a central state and the rule of law are the basis of security and development of society. We carry out this sacred task with determination and success, together with the honorable people of the region. At the same time, we will put an end to the activities of all organized armed drug groups. There is no other way.

Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan