Prices for basic food products rise significantly in Tajikistan

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 Prices for basic food products have risen significantly in Tajikistan, especially for potatoes.

Prices for some basic food products have nearly doubled over the past month. For example, one kilogram of potatoes, previously 4.00 somoni, now costs at Dushanbe’s bazaars 6.00-9.00 somoni.

Cheapest potatoes can be found at fairs organized at local bazaars, but they sell potatoes in the amount of not more than 5 kilograms to a customer, so that they would have been enough for everybody.

The period of potato deficiency has come to Tajikistan: last year’s potatoes have finished, while the new crop has not yet ripened.

In the previous year, potato shortages had been made up for by import, but potato imports have nearly stopped as borders with China and Afghanistan are currently closed due coronavirus concerns. Potatoes are currently being imported into the country in insignificant amounts by rail from Russia and Uzbekistan. But these amounts are obviously not enough to meet the population’s requirements in this product.

Source: Asia Plus