Prime Minister Rasulzoda Visits Kubodiyon District

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Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda accompanied by the Chairman of Khatlon region Kurbon Hakimzoda visited the Kubodiyon district, where they opened the Mavsimi ice cream enterprise.

The enterprise was built in honor of the 30th anniversary of the state independence. The construction cost was 3.3 million somoni.

The production capacity of the enterprise, where 20 local residents are provided with high wages, is 40-45 tonnes of products per month. Currently, 38 types of ice cream are produced.

The products are sold in the markets and shops of Kubodiyon, Shahritus, and Nosiri Khusrav districts. There are seven special vehicles for timely delivery of products to points of sale.

Rasulzoda also visited the greenhouse of Azamat Abdurahmonov. Tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse occupying one hectare. Currently, 20 people are employed and 25,000 tomato seedlings have been planted there. Abdurahmonov intends to expand the greenhouse to two hectares, and harvest up to four times a year.

The greenhouse uses drip irrigation and coal heating. At the moment, the tomatoes are already ripe. Harvesting will begin on April 15th.

He also has a 0.14 hectare greenhouse where he grows lemons and cucumbers.

Rasulzoda applauded the work of Abdurahmonov and expressed gratitude for the employment of women in this greenhouse.

He also got acquainted with the construction of a medical complex, which is being built jointly with Uzbekistan.

Based on the documents signed by the governments of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in March 2018, the construction of a multidisciplinary hospital with 200 beds on an area of 5 hectares has already began.

Rasulzoda also opened the administrative building of the Nosiri Khusrav rural community.

Source: National Information Agency of Tajikistan