Putin submits bill to the State Duma on banning foreign citizenship for military, state officials

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The bill that was published in the State Duma online database would also ban Russian citizens who are considered permanent residents of another country from holding official positions that allow them access to state secrets.




Government officials who are in possession of foreign passports or residency permits at the time the law comes into force will have six months to renounce their foreign ties and provide documents confirming they are no longer citizens or residents of another country. In this case, they will be allowed to retain their official positions.




“The draft federal law aims to update clauses of individual laws of the Russian Federation, which outline a ban to hold state and municipal offices over a citizenship or a residence permit or other document, which allows permanent residence of a Russian citizen in a foreign state,” the memo reads, according to TASS.




Recall, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin on July 30 asked the assembly’s security committee to check if lawmakers have a dual citizenship or residence permit in foreign countries. He noted that according to the new reading of the Russian Constitution, a Russian national having a foreign citizenship or residence permit cannot hold official posts, including a membership in parliament.




According to some sources, dozens of Russia’s top officials, including employees of presidential administration, government members, senators, deputies and governors allegedly have at least one of the two privileges.




Volodin called the allegations “very serious,” saying appropriate measures must be taken against those who violate the law.




On July 1, Russians voted for constitutional amendments putting, among other things, a ban on top state officials from having second citizenship.


Source: Asia Plus