Radio Ozodi: 84 Tajik Children Returned From Iraq to Dushanbe

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84 Tajik children were returned last night from Iraqi camps and prisons to Dushanbe by airline Fly Irbil. These are children of Tajik militants who fell into the networks of extremist groups and went to Iraq, where they joined the ranks of ISIL and other extremist organizations. The return of innocent children was primarily due to the efforts of Ambassador of Tajikistan to Kuwait and Iraq Zubaidullo Zubaidzoda, reports Radio Ozodi (the Tajik service of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty).

According to Tajik authorities, the return of Tajik children from Iraq took place thanks to the support of the Government of Tajikistan and in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq and Kuwait, law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan and Iraq and international organizations, especially UNICEF, notes Radio Ozodi.

It also says that some of these children went to Iraq with their parents at one time, and some were already born there. Many of their fathers died and their mothers are held in Iraqi prisons. Compared to children, it is much more difficult to rescue adult women from Iraqi prisons because they are accused of aiding the terrorists. According to estimates of the Tajik authorities, now 43 Tajik women are in Iraqi prisons.

All children returned from Iraq will undergo a medical and psychological examination. If their parents show a desire, then they will take on their education. If they refuse, the state assumes the upbringing of these children. All measures will be taken to adapt them to society and enroll them, said Commissioner for Children's Rights in Tajikistan Rajabmo Habibullozoda in an interview with Radio Ozodi.

The close relatives of some of these children also gathered at the Dushanbe airport, report Radio Ozodi's correspondents.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan