Rahmon congratulates Tajikistan women on Mother’s Day

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He, in particular, emphasizedOn Monday March 7, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon congratulated women of Tajikistan on Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in the country on March 8. that “honoring the majesty of mothers, showing respect and gratitude to them for their round-the-clock care is the sacred duty of every person, endowed with reason and a sense of pride.”

He recalled that the responsibility of children for the care and welfare of parents is enshrined in Article 34 of Tajikistan’s Constitution.

“This means that we must serve them, show respect and love, care for them and prevent our parents from experiencing difficulties,” the head of state noted.

According to him, caring for women's rights and their more active participation in the affairs of the state and society are always in the center of attention of the country's government.

Rahmon further noted that the government is currently developing the national program of training, selection and placement of managerial staff from among gifted women. The program is designed for 2023-2030.

“We must strive to ensure that Tajik women and girls learn professions, are literate and enlightened, study science and expand their knowledge so that they not to face problems and difficulties in family. Also, housekeeping, i.e. managing family income, is also largely dependent on mothers, women,” the president said.

He noted that women should take this matter seriously and never allow waste.

Recall, International Women’s Day has been known in Tajikistan as the Day of the Mother since March 2009. Congratulating women on March 8, 2009, President Emomali Rahmon said that International Women’s Day has only been celebrated on March 8 for about 100 years, but that ancient Aryan women -- the ancestors of the Tajiks -- had special days both for mothers, specifically, and for women in general.

Source: Asia-Plus