Rahmon orders to develop national counter-terrorism strategy

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Terrorism, trafficking in weapons and narcotic drugs, cyberterrorism and transnational organized crime, which are widespread throughout the world today, force use to develop the national counter-terrorism strategy,” President Emomali Rahmon said on January 26 during an address to a joint session of both chambers of the parliament.


According to him, terrorist and extremist organizations widely use the Internet “to involve young people in their ranks.”


“Their main goal is to break peace and stability in our country. Destructive forces sitting abroad try to involve our youth in their webs, but thank God, our youth is conscious, and does not give in to such provocations, Emomali Rahmon said.


“I have repeatedly noted that radical, extremist and terrorist groups are a threat to our country, and in this regard, the Prosecutor-General’s Office, together with other structures, is instructed to develop the national counter-terrorism strategy for 2021-2025,” the head of state added.


The president also pointed to the necessity of strengthening the country’s borders, especially the border with Afghanistan.


Source: Asia Plus