Rahmon visits southern districts of Khatlon province

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Tajik President Emomali Rahmon yesterday paid a working visit to southern districts of Khatlon province, according to the Tajik president’s official visit.


Qubodiyon district was the first leg of his visit to the southern part of Khatlon. He participated in an official opening ceremony of a new building of Schooll No 11, inaugurated the National Flag Park and visited rice-growing farm “Bobo Joura” in the district.


In Shahritous district, Rahmon reportedly got acquainted with the activities of the “Sitora” dehqon farm.


Dehqon farm “Sitora” has 5.45 hectares of land at its disposal, of which 5.30 hectares are irrigated lands and 0.50 hectares are occupied by orchards.


Farmers mainly grow wheat, potatoes, onions, cabbages and bell peppers, and in re-sowing they grow peanuts, carrots, strawberries, turnips, potatoes and onions.


The head of state also visited the agricultural exhibition in Shahritous and the pomegranate festival-competition.


In Shahritous, Rahmon also got acquainted with activities of the “Naimjon-2012” fish-farm.


In Panj district, the president commissioned the building of the Center for Creativity of Children and Adolescents.


The Center’s two-story building was reportedly constructed at a high quality level and in accordance with the requirements of the time with the support of the country’s government.


The Center has modern learning conditions; it is designed to cover the upbringing and education of 200 children in 12 groups.


Besides, Rahmon commissioned a 5-story residential building with trade and service centers in the district administrative center. The building was constructed by local entrepreneur Saidahmad Marajabov.


The president also attended the groundbreaking ceremony for construction of an Innovative Technology Park in Panj. Nine enterprises engaged in production of wheat flour, vegetable oil, napkins, soft drinks, confectionery, pasta, building materials, food products and household items are expected to be built in the park. The enterprises will create more than 200 new jobs, according to the Tajik president’s official website.


Source: Asia-Plus