Republican COVID-19 Prevention Commission Holds Meeting

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DUSHANBE,  On May 21, the Republican COVID-19 Prevention Commission held a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Kohir Rasulzoda.

The commission’s members, heads of relevant ministries, departments and responsible structures of the Presidential Executive Office attended the meeting.

Rasulzoda noted that since the pandemic was first registered within our borders, the government has been carrying out preparatory and preventive work throughout the country to treat patients and protect public health.

“One of these measures is the opening of short-term temporary hospitals. Currently, COVID-19 infected patients are treated in more than 30 Dushanbe’s hospitals, with the ability to treat 5,284 patients, and whith the employment of nearly 5,400 medical personal,” said Rasulzoda.

Following the meeting, the responsible officials were given specific instructions to further strengthen anti-epidemic measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Particularly, the Ministry of Health was instructed to improve the level and quality of services in medical institutions and to make specific proposals to the republican commission. The ministry was also instructed to work out the issues of providing medications, protective clothing and antiviral materials to the health care institution, a list of which should be regularly sent to the republican commission.

The Ministry was also instructed to develop a draft State Program for the Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry and submit it to the government as soon as possible.

The Ministry of Industry and New Technologies in collaboration with industry experts was instructed to take specific measures to establish the production of a large number of masks, disinfectants, sanitary clothing, and medications made from medicinal plants. This Ministry was also instructed to study the mechanisms for creating state enterprises for the production of oxygen enough to supply all medical institutions, and submit concrete proposals to the republican commission.

Local executive bodies in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the heads of the working groups were also instructed to take measures to establish the construction of infectious hospitals by the 30th anniversary of independence.


Source: National information agency of Tajikistan