Ruddie sneaked to the police

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At, under the headline "Towdrops to Juvenile Justice by the DIA" was published by the deputy chief of the DMIA in the district of Lahj Mahmadullozoda Akbar in the case of Nazarova Sadoqat Nusratulloevna, born in 2001, resident of this district and Nazarova's father, Sharipov Nusratullo Naimovich, appealed to this site.

It should be noted that this claim is totally false, the site has denied any evidence to the deputy chief of the DMIA in the district of Lahj Mahmadullozoda Akbar.

Sharipov Nusratullo Naimovich, born in 1971, resident of the district of Lakhar, married 8 children, the head of the House of Culture of the village Jafar district, the second group of disabled persons, applied to the internal affairs agencies In's news on his name, he is heading up and down, and he has never written a letter to this site, and does not even know how to communicate with social networks.

Sharipov NN In his application, the chief of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mr. Shafizoda Ismayilov, is unknown and the words published in this publication, as well as the deputy chief of the DMIA in the district of Mahmudullozoda Akbar. He noted that "I am surprised to see how the name of a citizen personally misrepresents the news to the media."

In his application, Sharipov NN It has been suggested that some of the people who had been ill from her condition had cheated him, insisting to appeal to relevant authorities.

A number of relevant authorities, including General Prosecutor's Office, Prosecutor's Office of Firdavsi district of Dushanbe and Prosecutor's Office of Mahmoud Sharipov NN. tested and did not find their reasons for the lack of a real basis.

Family Sharipov NN Nazova and her children are distressing and her daughter Nazarova Sadakat escaped from home.

As of August 12, 2017, based on written application of Sharipov NN. On suspicion of theft of his minor child, Nazarova Sadodat Nusratulloevna, was searched by the Criminal Investigation Department of the District of Dushanbe in the southern city of Lakhia ?807, after conducting a series of operational search activities under the supervision of Nazarova SNN. by the operational staff of the police station in the district identified and detained in the city of Dushanbe and was handed to his parents.

Before leaving the child Nazarova SN He was transferred to his parents for medical examination of the central hospital in the district of Khorj, and his report was presented to his parents about the damage of his virginal membrane.

In addition, in early April 2018, based on written application of Sharipov NN the head of DMIA in the region and Rasht district to uncover a minor girlfriend Nazarova SN. This case was initiated by the SCO DMIA in the same month, by the operational staff of the Office of the Child, Nazova N. was arrested and detained in the city of Dushanbe, and was handed to his parents.

In November 2017, based on the application of Sharipov NN. Head of the district of Lakhrud district on the establishment of his daughter in the boarding school and establishing a working group with the participation of himself Sharipov NN. He was housed at the boarding school of Navobod village in Rasht, but by 5-6 days, the boarding board of the boarding school was returned to his parents due to ill-treatment and difficulty.

It is noteworthy that Nazarova Sodiqat is also currently evacuated from the house and is missing, and the citizen Sharipov NN Due to the lack of education of his daughter, he asked the internal affairs agency to find him and guide him to the right path.

At the end of the website of, no one in charge of the internal affairs of the Interior Ministry fears any danger or threat, and the noble people of Tajikistan do not believe in false accusations and unnecessary distractions!

You would have enjoyed the name of the boy and the name of the girl, and you did not use the name of his father's disability!

Source: Minstry of Internal Affairs Tajikistan