Russia warns of the risk of a new fuel crisis

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The auditors reportedly note that the rise in fuel prices in May 2018 forced to take emergency measures.

Citing an excerpt from the report, RIA Novosti says, “At present, there are risks of a repeat increase in retail fuel prices and, as a consequence, the emergence of social tension.”

According to TASS, the Accounts Chamber has already sent an appeal to the government, in which it recommended to instruct the Ministry of Energy, together with the interested federal executive authorities and oil companies, “to ensure work on the preparation, coordination and approval of the general scheme for the development of the oil industry for the period up to 2035.”

The Ministry of Energy reportedly noted that they had taken measures to curb the growth of retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel.

Earlier it was reported that from May 1, 2021, an updated gasoline price containment mechanism will work in Russia.

On March 12, the price of Regular-92 (Ai-92) motor gasoline reportedly broke a historical record, reaching 55,750 rubles per ton during the auction. In May 2018, the cost of the AI-92 reached 55,430 rubles per ton.

TASS says the Ministry of Finance last month already recognized the need for an adjustment, but indicated that it would be required no earlier than 2024. However, in March, the government acknowledged that it needed to act much faster.

Recall, fuel prices have significantly risen in Tajikistan this month, and most likely, this trend will continue in the near future as well.

The growth in fuel prices at gas stations in the country has been observed since the beginning of the year, but over the past week, the price increase has become more noticeable.

The price for one liter of 92-octane gasoline, the most sought-after grade of gasoline in Tajikistan, in Dushanbe has risen from 6.50 somonis on January 1 to 8.10 somonis (24.6-percent increase), with similar price rises in other regions of the country

In Khorog, the capital of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), the 92-octane gasoline now sells at 9.30 somonis per liter.

Russia, which provides the bulk of Tajikistan’s fuel imports, currently accounts for about 90 percent of petroleum products imported by Tajikistan.

Source: Asia-Plus