Russian Investments in Tajikistan Exceeded $1.6 Billion

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Russia’s investments in Tajikistan’s economy over the past 13 years has amounted to more than $1.6 billion, of which $900 million are direct investments. This was announced by the head of the Russian trade mission in Tajikistan Yevgeny Korenkov.

“For several years Russia has been holding a leading position in terms of investments in the Tajik economy, and ranks second after China. The total volume of accumulated investments from Russia has reached more than $1.6 billion over the past 13 years, of which direct investments make up $900 million,” said Korenkov.

He noted that the main projects and companies are Sangtuda-1 hydroelectric power station, Gazprom Neft Tajikistan, and Megafon Tajikistan.

“The volume of Russian investments in Tajikistan account for more than 16% of the total,” he said, specifying the areas of investment as construction, communications, geological exploration and production, energy and others.

According to him, more than 300 Russian companies operate in the Tajik market, 10-15 of which have Russian roots. He cited the X-fit sports complex, which was built in Dushanbe seven years ago and is the largest in Central Asia, a chain of coffee shops and restaurants Shokoladnitsa, IL Patio, and Yakitoria as examples.

Korenkov pointed to the active work of the relevant state structures of Tajikistan in the development of instruments for supporting and protecting investments.

“Investment agreements are being modernized, with guarantees and benefits spelled out. Tax services of Russia and Tajikistan are working very actively in the direction of investment protection, fiscal policy, as well as customs authorities,” he added.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan