Rustam Emomali instructed to install mailboxes in all houses of Dushanbe residents

12 months ago Web Desk 0

Dushanbe Mayor Rustam Emomali instructed the relevant city structures to install mailboxes in all residential buildings of the city, a source in the city administration said.


In high-rise buildings and private houses of the city, where previously there were mailboxes, but today they are absent, they will be restored at the expense of residents.


mailboxes will be installed in new buildings of the city at the expense of housing developers, without mailboxes, commissions will not accept the house into operation.


New mailboxes will be manufactured at several industrial plants in the city.


When asked why they are needed in the mayor’s office, they answered, with the establishment of mailboxes, the problem of delivering periodicals to subscribers who constantly complain about not receiving a particular newspaper or magazine to which they subscribed will disappear.


According to the mayor’s office, Mailboxes are also needed for notices from the tax authorities, judicial authorities, summons to the army, invitations to elections.


Source: Asia Plus