Rustam Emomali’s Pre Election Program as a Candidate for the Deputy of the Assembly of the People’s Deputies of Dushanbe

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On January 22, at a conference of organizations of the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan (PDPT) in the metropolitan area of Ismoili Somoni, the current Chairman of Dushanbe Rustam Emomali was nominated as the Deputy of the Assembly of the People's Deputies of Dushanbe from constituency No. 25.

As earlier reported, by the Presidential Executive Order from 2019, the election of deputies of the Assembly of Representatives and local assemblies are scheduled to be held on March 1. The pre election canvassing started the countrywide on February.

Pre Election Program focuses on the following seven areas:


My true goals are ensuring political stability and national unity, progress of the state and society and encouraging the Tajik peacemaking culture;

Strengthening government system and timely implementation of laws, presidential executive orders, government decrees and the adopted national strategies and programs;

Improvement of national legislation in order to strengthen independence of Tajikistan, national unity and security, political stability and territorial integrity in accordance with the processes of globalization and the modern world challenges;

Providing the rule of law and public order with a view to protecting the safety of Dushanbe's residents and to fight all types of violations of the law as well as prevention of corrupt practices;

High quality execution of the city budget, ensuring transparency and careful use of its income and expenses, prevention of squandering;

Increasing the sense of humanity and hospitality of Dushanbe's residents in order to implement the government's Tourism Strategy;

Raising intellectual awareness of the capital's residents;

Strengthening the effective system of local self governance that is the basis of civil society;


Contribution toward boosting Tajik economy in the context of economic globalization and its legal framework;

Expanding cooperation with industrial enterprises, ministries and government sectoral agencies, promoting the introduction of new scientific and innovative technologies in production to achieve rapid industrialization;

Reconstruction and establishment of factories, social institutions and reducing unemployment by creating jobs;

Attracting local entrepreneurs to creating modern educational institutions and sports grounds in Dushanbe;

Involvement of respectable, generous people and generous entrepreneurs toward the renovation and reconstruction of roads, bringing them in line with international standards and their technical maintenance;


Implementation of decisions of the Assembly of the People's Deputies of Dushanbe on communal problems and other issues relating to the standard of living;

Increasing access to safe drinking water, electricity and heating system;

Establishment of preschool and secondary educational institutions, creation of better conditions for children and adolescents of the capital, enhancement of quality of education in schools;

Supporting vulnerable populations, orphans, disabled people, pensioners and labor veterans;

Regulation of Public Transport Services and ensuring a high quality level of passenger traffic services;

Improving access of girls and women to education;

Attracting the youth to innovative scientific research and promoting the allocation of state grants, as well as attracting scientists to the study of global problems of the planet and the region;

Assistance through the Assembly of the People's Deputies of Dushanbe to improve the timely resolution of the residents' appeals.


Attracting the attention of society to the preservation and development of the material and non material heritage of the country, promoting the development of national tourism and culture inside and outside of the republic;

Promoting the active participation of youth in the political, economic and social life of society;

Creation of a scientific, practical and managerial base of state youth policy in support of innovation and youth entrepreneurship programs;

Bringing professional institutions of higher professional education in line with international standards, full implementation of distance education at the level of secondary and higher professional education;

Further improvement of the legal framework in the field of culture, a gradual transition to a system of socio cultural self financing, the formation of a new moral environment in society, the expansion of the creative potential of national self awareness and cultural interest of citizens;

Increasing attention given to the improvement of gardens and avenues, creating favorable conditions for recreation for residents and guests of the capital, mandatory compliance with environmental standards, cleanliness and beauty, improving the level and quality of services, including improving the state of public utilities.

Source: National information agency of Tajikistan