Safed-Dara Company expected to build new base camp for mountaineers in the Lakhsh district

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The Closed Joint-Stock Company (CJSC) Safed-Dara will build a new modern base camp for mountaineers in the Lakhsh (formerly Jirgatol) district.


CJSC Safed-Dara director-general Bahodour Ishoqov says the work on construction of the new base camp is planned to begin in early July this year.


The new base camp will be built on the Moskvin Glade not far from the Alp-Navrouz base camp that had been built in in the Soviet era.  The Alp-Navrouz base camp is located on the Moskvin Glade. The camp is situated in a sub-alpine zone 4,200m above sea level.



The Moskvin Glade leads to relatively simple and safe routes to the nearest and highest peaks in the Pamirs – Ismoili Somoni Peak (formerly Communism Peak –7,495 meters) and Ozodi Peak (formerly Korzhenevskaya Peak — 7,105 meters).


CJSC Safed-Dara is the project owner and CJSC Qullahoi Tojik (Tajik Peaks) is the contractor.


This project is large enough and expensive.  The project reportedly also provides for rehabilitation of the Lakhsh airport.


Ishoqov noted that the transfer of building materials, and the climbers in the future was complicated by the fact that there were no commercial helicopter flights in Tajikistan and for now they would use state-owned helicopters.  “It is possible that to solve this problem, in the future there will be a need to purchase our own helicopter,” Ishoqov added.


Source: Asia Plus